Great business
We understand better than anyone else the importance of mentally and physically healthy staff as they are the calling card and the basis of your company. In addition, the sense of unity among employees and building this team spirit is just as important. When the team learns to overcome challenges together, this will also create a unique mentality on the work floor where the big goal comes first and together we work on a solution. We strive to make strength, solidarity and fun part of your corporate culture, where productivity increases and absenteeism is reduced.

Corporate fitness

Working on vitality and team spirit

Does your organization have 5 or more employees? Our greatbusiness memberships offer advantageous rates for sports together with your colleagues!

At great, your employees can also exercise tax-attractively individually. Via the National Health Plan or the National Business Fitness Plan you can save up to 50% on subscription costs.

More information?
We are happy to tell you about the tax benefits, the effects of the vitality program and all other possibilities that we offer. Contact us via 020-7630655 or mail to