Benjamin de Wit


Benjamin de Wit Nutrition Coach | Personal trainer | Manager greatin8

Benjamin's childhood has played out mainly because of his great energy capacity. Whereas in his youth he mainly started with sports such as swimming, tennis and football, this became martial arts and strength training later in life. It was therefore a logical next step towards ALO Amsterdam, where he graduated in 2004.

After years of working in fitness and personal training, he found his passion, namely nutrition! Various courses and training courses, Benjamin is still keen to increase the dissemination of knowledge. He is currently also working on the 'Precision Nutrition certificates'. Working with various target groups such as government personnel and (top) athletes, he has now found his place at GREAT.

Sport background: Capoeira, Boxing, Xanda, Strength training

My own goals in life:
As a 'nutritional coach' towards the Olympic Games to support the athletes I supervise.
Working with my examples John Berardi, Charles Poliquin and Paul Lammers. Learning to play guitar.