Caroline Meyer

Caroline-Melody Meyer

 I used to be a full-time Account Manager in Advertising, the typical workaholic, fully dedicated to my job, with almost no personal life. A few years ago, I realised I needed a fresh start, and decided to turn my passion for fitness and strength training into my job, to share with others the mental and physical benefits fitness brought into my life. 


As a fitness and nutrition coach, my main purpose is to help people be their strongest and happiest self. Especially people who have a very busy work life, bringing them the tools they need to find more balance and be more connected with themselves. 


I believe in programmings that are adapted to people’s individual needs, goals, daily activities, and personal preferences. So they can make it part of their lifestyle, enjoy what they do, and sustain their progress on the long term.


Training at Great is a great opportunity for me to evolve in a community of like-minded people who believe it’s by challenging yourself that you’ll achieve a healthy and balanced life. 



NASM Personal Trainer 

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach