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We understand better than anyone else the importance of mentally and physically healthy staff as they are the calling card and the basis of your company. In addition, the sense of unity among employees and building this team spirit is just as important. When the team learns to overcome challenges together, this will also create a unique mentality on the work floor where the big goal comes first and together we work on a solution. We strive to make strength, solidarity and fun part of your corporate culture, where productivity increases and absenteeism is reduced.

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With a greatbusiness membership we offer your organization the opportunity to train on location of your choice. During our group lessons on location, building a strong team spirit, increasing motivation and energy and improving physical and mental strength is central.

In this lesson you will experience a combination of running, interval and circuit training in the fresh air. All possible attributes and facilities in the site are used. Your employees are challenged as a group for which a piece of game and competition ensures a stronger connection in your team.

During a gait training we increase endurance, physical and mental strength. Training for a common goal, such as a dam-to-dam course, is possible.

This is a very varied way of training, where multiple energy systems are covered. Different stairs and punch techniques are taught which makes for a challenging training. This workout is a combination of both fitness and technique training. Furthermore, we work with all kinds of attributes such as; sandbags and pedal cushions. This lesson is challenging for every level.

greatyoga offers various types of yoga by experienced yoga instructors, in a soothing and atmospheric environment in which your employees can experience an optimal balance between body and mind. Learning to relax and awareness of body and breathing are central, while the body becomes supple and stress is reduced. Increasingly, yoga is being applied within companies, in particular by bringing a bit of fun and positive energy, which makes staff more productive and reduces this absenteeism.

We also offer yoga at your location, where this is actually possible anywhere, such as in a meeting room without having to make extra investments. All supplies as mats etc. is provided by great.


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