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We understand better than anyone else the importance of mentally and physically healthy staff as they are the calling card and the basis of your company. In addition, the sense of unity among employees and building this team spirit is just as important. When the team learns to overcome challenges together, this will also create a unique mentality on the work floor where the big goal comes first and together we work on a solution. We strive to make strength, solidarity and fun part of your corporate culture, where productivity increases and absenteeism is reduced.




Our kick-ass GREATIN8 program will completely transform your body in just 8 weeks. You’ll not only lose weight, but increase strength, muscle toning and endurance — all with a lot of fun along the way. Hundreds of people have already benefited from the program, with effective and proven results. Are you up for the challenge?


NEW: we’ve fine-tuned the GREATIN8 program, making it even more efficient and helping you maximize the most incredible results in 8 weeks. Choose which GREATIN8 program is best for you and your goals:


GREATIN8 SHAPE: focuses on training your legs, stomach, hips and buttocks. You’ll achieve a tighter, smoother shape through targeted technical and intensive strength exercises for these areas.


GREATIN8 BURN: focuses on fat burning and losing weight, while maintaining muscle mass. Nutrition plays a key role in this program (we’ll provide all the coaching and meal plans you need!). Workouts combine technical strength training and high intensity intervals.


GREATIN8 MUSCLE: focuses on building lean muscle mass throughout your body, with a positive energy balance. You can expect robust, pure strength training combined with an emphasis on nutrition.

Each GREATIN8 program includes:

  • Goal setting workshop with our in-house counsellor
  • 3 group trainings per week (ie: HIIT, boxing, pilates and yoga)
  • Weekly measurements and tracking
  • 24/7 personal coaching
  • Meal planning with our in-house nutritionist
  • Tracking performance and diet progress with our app
  • Unlimited use of all facilities


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