Choose now for the Burn or Build program!
Burn- Lose weight and shape your body.
Build- Get stronger and get more toned muscles
Follow both programs at your own level.

3 Small Group Workouts
Check-in with your coach
Free protein shake after training

24/7 online coaching
Personalized foodplan (ebook and food app)
Webinars and live workouts
Full 8 week program!
The GREATIN8 program
• GREATIN8 package €349,99
• GREATIN8 monthly €89,99

Lifestyle Workshops 2.0

Workshops / webinars:
Opening webinar
Food webinar
Technique training Workshop
Behavior webinar

Every 2 weeks you can join upgraded webinars on different topics, like behaviour, training, satiety, stress and habits. These workshops will be combined with our measurement sessions, so make sure to attend! Evaluate your progress, meet new training buddies and learn at the same time.

Body Composition Assessment

At the end of each 8 we will test your greatness! How much have you improved in strength, conditioning and off course body composition. Can you reach the next level? Can your reach our ultimate level GREAT? Push yourself and allow us to help you push until you are the best and fittest you can be.

Intensified coaching

We value the 1 0n 1 time you spend with your online coach. We want to give you all the knowledge and support you need to reach your goals, during the classes and at any time you like. Therefore we increased the online coaching time you have, which means you can reach out as much as needed and wanted. Just ask!

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Join our fine tuned program and enter at your own level of performance, making it even more efficient to maximize your own incredible results in 8 weeks.

The Greatin8 Performance program costs just €94,99 a month orNOW  €349.99,-  as a package deal with a free protein shake included after every workout! Just to support your recovery!

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      Free trial session

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