Indi van Casteren

Indi van Casteren | Personal trainer

After a few years of working at an office I decided to follow my dreams and make a life-changing descision: quitting my job and pursue my biggest dream in life. What that dream was? Helping other people getting fit and strong by becoming a Personal Trainer myself.

So that’s what I did. Nowadays I’m a (female) Personal Trainer and make a living out of training women. I train women because I can relate to their needs. After working for a few years in fitness I figured out what they want to see. What the shape is they love. Training women is something I love to do, where my interest is. So that’s why I chose to train this special target group.

What my main purpose as a Personal Trainer is? Letting everybody feel and see that exercising is fun. Exercising is not horrible. The only thing you need to do is find a sport you love. That’s the key to success. If you do something you don’t like, the chances are likely you will quit in the end.

At great I’m teaching the HIIT Boxing classes, create training programs for the members and I (Personal) train the female members at the club.

Hope to see you soon at great!

If you have questions regarding the group classes, training programs or Personal Training; feel free to contact me at

AALO: Personal Trainer
Chivo: Nutrition and behaviour course
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