Serge Dalhuysen

Serge Dalhuysen | Personal trainer

I am not a professional athlete.

In the past I have chosen career over health and worked 60 to 80 hours a week, slept 6 hours a night. I partied too much, ate too much, drank too much, I have abused my body till I burned out.

So I have struggled with balance and living life on life’s terms.

But I do know now what it is to combine work, kids, family, social life and still being healthy and vital and feel and look good.

I am a personal trainer, fitness trainer, group trainer, vitality coach, nutritional expert, not to train you for Olympic gold but to improve the quality of your life.


Why I work at Great.

Imagine standing on a pedestal and you are surrounded by hot melting lava and the pedestal is slowly descending.

Now imagine doing a few squats on that pedestal.

Your surroundings, the environment you train in has a tremendous impact on the output and the result of your training. A stress survival mode will have a devastating negative impact.

Great is completely the opposite. A luxury health boutique with an amazing staff, state of the art equipment and a vibe that will make you smile and feel at home.


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