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Great Oost is a boutique fitness studio, offering high-intensity classes and a gym area with strength equipment and cardio machines. You can train yourself alone or with one of our personal trainers!

Train with various Technogym Strength and Power Stations to work on your upper and lower body well. We are also equipped with several Cardio Machines. Schedule your intake so we can create a personalised training program together with one of our great trainers. If you want extra guidance, you can schedule an appointment with a personal trainer.

We create immersive workout experiences with maximum impact and energy — all fuelled by pumping music, state-of-the-art studios and epic coaching. We go fast and furious. We explode with energy. We burn calories and tone muscles like never before. Catch the beat with us and try a Great class today.

You’ll leave each class feeling like the rock star that you are. You’ll experience increased energy, strength, balance and confidence. You’ll be better prepared for everything in life — a healthy life.

Drop by for a trial class and discover why we’re Great.


We work hard and play hard. We understand the demands of work and we don’t say no to a party! Great is about finding a balance between it all — one where it’s OK to indulge, once in a while, while staying committed to improving your health. Through our immersive workouts, wellness plans and diet coaching, you can find a way to succeed in it all.


Great members are mostly young professionals who are ambitious and dedicated high achievers. In our classes, you can expect to meet likeminded individuals who are seeking a better quality of health and knowledge.

Great is committed to offering flexible, fun and inclusive workouts for everyone, no matter your age or fitness level. We aren’t about egos or attitude. We’re about results.

Gym Area

Our cardio area includes light and open spaces for weights, free training and boxing. We use only Technogym equipment, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, bicycles and rowing machines. In the free training area, you have freedom for your own strength exercises and personal training, while he boxing area can be used for personal or partner training.

Intake Assessment & Training Plan

All members of Great will have an intake appointment with one of our talented trainers, who assess your fitness level and goals. Based on this information, we’ll make a plan that reflects your own schedule and desires. Once a month, our instructors will discuss your progress with you, so you receive constant feedback and inspiration for how you can get the best performance out of yourself. That’s Great.


Smash through this hour of physical and mental intensity. Our dynamic HIIT and cycle studios are equipped with psychedelic videos, surround sound speakers and disco lights; the immersive experience will leave you feeling energised while you continue to burn calories for hours.

During your class you’ll wear a belt that monitors your heart rate; it’s then projected on the wall so you know exactly how you’re performing. After class, you’ll receive a recap report to track your results and progress.

Find your favourite class or switch it up every week with something new. Whichever option you choose, it’s sure to be Great.



As part of your Great membership, you’ll receive all the gear you need: shirt, shorts and shoes (optional).


Re-fuel after your workout at our healthy and organic snack bar. Enjoy smoothies, fresh juices, bowls, coffee, salads and shakes, either at the café or take it with you to go.


Feel the pulse with surround sound beats. Get fired up with psychedelic videos. Groove to the rhythm as disco lights flicker around you. Watch your live heartrate as its projected on the walls. Our studios are unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


Our luxurious dressing rooms are equipped with rain fall showers, electronic lockers and complimentary towels (nobody likes a wet towel in their bag). We also provide complimentary shampoos and body lotions.

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    Free trial session

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      Free trial session

      We will contact you as soon as possible!