Health, the most important thing we have. Healthy people feel better, and have more energy for life. A life where challenges are tackled, preferably smiling, at home, at work, and at every other occasion life might throw at you. Because healthy people are just a tad sharper and look just a bit better. They are ready for everything, they are the ones that get the most out of life, A healthy life, A great life!
That’s what we’re about; being great at life. We do it through sports, wellness and food. With the added bonus of personal advice tailored to you. We don’t settle for less than great, and you shouldn’t either. So come on in and be great at life

Health is at the core of everything we do. We invite you to challenge yourself, either through independent workouts, group classes, or with the support of our personal trainers. Push your boundaries. Uncover your limits. Achieve your goals — both physically and mentally.

We are not about egos or attitude. We’re about results.


We work hard and play hard. We understand the demands of work and we don’t say no to a party! Great is about finding a balance between it all — one where it’s OK to indulge, once in a while, while staying committed to improving your health. Through our immersive workouts, wellness plans and diet coaching, you can find a way to succeed in it all.


Great members are mostly professionals who are ambitious and dedicated high achievers. In our classes, you can expect to meet likeminded individuals who are seeking a better quality of health and knowledge.

Great is committed to offering flexible, fun and inclusive workouts for everyone, no matter your age or fitness level. We aren’t about egos or attitude. We’re about results.


Our workouts are immersive experiences with maximum impact and energy — all fuelled by pumping music, state-of-the-art studios and epic coaching. We go fast and furious. We explode with energy. We burn calories and tone muscles like never before.

The results? You’ll have increased energy and strength. You’ll feel more balanced. You’ll be better prepared for everything in life — a healthy life. That’s great.

Catch the beat with us and join great today.


Finding a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit is at the heart what we do — and we provide all the support and tools you need. With each client, we begin with a medical check-up and designing a personalised training schedule, to optimise your goals. Our in-house team of specialists — including coaches, physiotherapists, trainers and nutritionists — will also work to stimulate, educate and inspire you, helping you be the best person you can be in your own skin. That’s great.


To maximise your Great experience, our sports training area is modern, open and bright. We have state-of-the-art equipment from Technogym, with a climate-controlled setting and separate areas for cardio, strength or free training. Enjoy an independent work out, a group class, or a private session with one of our professional personal trainers.


Eating well is good for you. We all know that. Though we believe good food, should taste great as well. Our complete food range is composed by our in-house nutrition coach. It has something for every type of physical training and caters to every type of taste. Especially your good taste.