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Enter our most gruelling concept + expect quickfire rounds of high-powered treadmill sessions, dynamic weights + lots of endorphins.

Personal training

If you feel like you need extra incentive to visit the gym, our personal trainers will give you the “push” you need.


A modern gym that fuses
sports with wellness, health and food


A boutique fitness studio offering

HIIT, Cycle and Yoga classes

Boxing 45

Punch, kick, run and lift your way through this explosive class to sculpt and condition your body.

Yoga 60

Step outside the chaos and follow your breath. Move deeper. Cleanse your mind.

Cycle 45

Lose yourself in our dark-lit studio, surrounded by epic beats that lift you higher with each pulse.


Heart pumping. Sweat dripping. Fat burning. This training will challenge your body in ways you’ve never tried


Lose weight and shape your body.


Get stronger and get more toned muscles


Finding a healthy balance between mind and body is at the heart what we do — and we provide all the support and tools you need. With each client, we begin with a medical check-up and designing a personalised training schedule, to optimise your goals. Our in-house team of specialists — including coaches, physiotherapists, trainers and nutritionists — will also work to stimulate, educate and inspire you, helping you be the best person you can be in your own skin. That’s great.


To maximise your Great experience, our sports training area is modern, open and bright. We have state-of-the-art equipment from Technogym, with a climate-controlled setting and separate areas for cardio, strength or free training. Enjoy an independent work out, a group class, or a private session with one of our professional personal trainers.

The Great Gym

Our cardio area includes light and open spaces for weights, free training and boxing. We use only Technogym equipment, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, bicycles and rowing machines. In the free training area, you have freedom for your own strength exercises and personal training, while he boxing area can be used for personal or partner training.


After a great workout, you can completely unwind in our Great wellness centre. Think of it as your own little Buddhist temple in the heart of Amsterdam Zuid. Muscle recovery is expedited after relaxing in our steam room, Finnish sauna or infrared room … or forget the stress of your day as you relax in our jacuzzi.


Eating well is good for you. We all know that. Though we believe good food, should taste great as well. Our complete food range is composed by our in-house nutrition coach. It has something for every type of physical training and caters to every type of taste. Especially your good taste.

Our Snack Bar Menu

We offer a range of yummy snacks and post-workout-refuel including salads, shakes, juices, meals and superfoods; all are available to enjoy in our café or for take-away.