Laurens Kesarsing

Laurens Kesarsing – Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach


After serving the Dutch Marines for over ten years, Laurens decided to switch careers. His passion for weight training, food and a healthy, fit lifestyle was the start off to his new path as a personal trainer. Laurens has already been part of the team from the moment great has opened its doors. Now, he finds great joy in guiding people 1-on-1 in their journey to a healthy lifestyle, and to find subsequent successes in their training goals. He offers both personal training as well as personal nutrition coaching to anyone who is willing to bring their training to the next level! Especially training people as they live all sorts of busy lives, and finding a way to balance out their activities with suitable trainings tends to be very fulfilling. Laurens aims for seeing great results in his clients moving from zero training, or training on their own, towards greater knowledge and encouragement in what they are doing for sustainable results.


“I enjoy seeing my clients, young or old, discovering the great advantage of personal training on their daily life, especially with regards to their energy and stress level or tasks that can be handled with greater ease”