Tim Theeuwsen

Tim Theeuwsen | Founder

At the Marine Corps I got to know and pushed my physical and mental boundaries like no other. With this knowledge and skills that shaped me in those 8 years, I then looked for a different challenge.

I found this in the study business administration and various specialized sports courses within the health & fitness industry.

In that period I quickly came to the conclusion that a healthy lifestyle requires more than just regular exercise. There are also other factors that play a role in today’s busy life such as: less time to eat healthy, a demanding job, education of children, a lack of physical activity and a busy social life.

This hard work and hard relaxation, a mentality that is of paramount importance to the marines, gave me the idea to bundle this knowledge and skills and to process this into a new business strategy within the personal training & fitness industry.

Great takes this into account and makes a personal plan based on this. A plan that is more than the sum of its parts, so that all facets reinforce each other and therefore you can achieve maximum results. All about a healthy lifestyle and getting the most out of your life.

I would like to inform you about the possibilities with us, in order to help you as much as possible in achieving your goals.